• FIVE YEAR WARRANTY-  All projects completed by Deckscapes have a five year structural warranty
  • All drawings and documentation for HOA or ARB
  • Permits, Inspections, and all fees
  • Experienced, efficient, and respectful crews - Our crews all have fluent English speaking foreman who with their team treat every customer with respect and curtsey.
  • Appropriately sized crews - By crew we mean anywhere from 3-6 experienced people depending on the scale of the job, not one or two people who don’t entirely know what they are doing and don’t seem interested in getting the job done anytime soon.
  • Clean orderly jobsite - Crews clean and organize jobsites daily.  Trash trailers are kept shuffled between the jobsites constantly.  If a trash trailer is not on site all trash and debris will be consolidated at the end of each day.  All loose debris is bagged to keep debris from being blown around
  • Continuous workflow - Once a job is started the crew remains at that site until the project is complete.  Crews can be expected on site Monday - Friday by 8 A.M.  Crews are not required to work Saturdays but usually do.  When multiple crews are involved the homeowner will be notified of any lag time between crews.  Once the second crew is on site they will continue to work by the same standards.
  • Consistent Jobsite Management- Field management makes frequent jobsite visits coordinating all material deliveries and trash cleanup.  Individual crew foreman are working foreman and stay on site for the duration of the project.
  • Consistent company communication - Weekly sales and production meetings allow the sales team to properly convey all information regarding a project to the production and office team to ensure that no details are left out.  After the sale a field supervisor visits all upcoming jobs personally to ensure familiarity with the site as well as to double check for anything that could have been overlooked by the sales team.Photos taken by the sales team and field supervisors are kept in all job files and used for the benefit of the crew to ensure understanding between all involved.
  • Sales Team Involvement - Sales team is involved in the project from beginning to end.  Our sales team stays involved beyond the time of sale.  The designer or salesperson makes regular visits to the job while in progress as well as being involved in all production and scheduling meetings.
  • Project Completion - Upon completion of every project all customers are provided with a folder containing all necessary warranty and maintenance information for all the products used on your home.  Your designer presents this information to you at the time of the final walkthrough.
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