Permeable Paver Systems

What are Permeable Pavers?


“Permeable” is a term used to describe paving methods for patios, driveways, roads, parking lots and walkways that allow the movement of water and air around the paving material. Permeable Pavers allow storm water to percolate through areas that would traditionally be impervious. The system is designed to reduce storm water runoff, control pollutants and reduce downstream erosion.


The Benefits of Permeable Pavers


A Deckscapes of Virginia patio, walk way, or driveway utilizing Permeable Pavers can help preserve our environment and the most precious resource of all, water. We can’t live without water, and what Permeable Pavers do is help protect the quality of our water supplies. They reduce the amount of storm water runoff entering our natural waterways and carrying with it contaminants and pollutants. The water is allowed to naturally drain into the surface through the voids in the permeable pavers. This promotes the infiltration of rainwater and also helps to recharge the groundwater.


Furthermore, another environmental benefit is that applying Permeable Pavers means less storm water runoff, which means that our streams and riverbeds are less likely to flood as often. This also means that there will be a reduction in the rate of the erosion of riverbanks and streambeds. Deckscapes of Virginia is proud to offer:Techo-Bloc;EP Henry and Eagle Bay Permeable Pavers.


Techo-Bloc’sPermeable Paving Stone


As urbanization increases, so too does the concentration of pavements, building foundations and other impervious surfaces. During rainstorms, these surfaces generate additional water runoff, contributing to erosion, and carry harmful pollutants that may contaminate sources of drinking water. In response, Techo-Bloc has created the Permea Paver, a stone that promotes the proper percolation of surface water to the ground, thus allowing the water to return naturally to its source.


EP Henry's ECO® Line of permeable pavers bring beauty and functionality to sustainable design, allowing rainwater to recharge to the ground, reducing storm water run-off and saving our environment. Our newest additions to our permeable paver line, ECO Cobble® and Coventry ECO Cobble®, are the most versatile permeable pavement systems in the market today. No other sustainable paver product offers the array of colors, sizes, textures and pattern possibilities. EP Henry ECO line of permeable pavers qualify as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for storm water management and can help you earn points towards LEED®certification. EP Henry recommends consulting a professional engineer for permeable paver applications.


Eagle Bay’s Greenscape line of products was developed to support architects, builders and homeowners in their pursuit of more environmentally-intelligent construction. Permeable Pavement systems include:

  • SF Rima™ – A durable paver that works well with residential roads, industrial yards, residential and commercial parking lots, driveways, walkways, plazas, and more.
  • TurfStone – Its unique design allows vegetation to grow through the system and works well in areas where the look of nature needs to be preserved.

The EcoBay Permeable paver system works to improve the quality of our water and reduce the negative effects of stormwater runoff.




Deckscapes of Virginia is anICPI Certified Installer with a PICP Specialist designation by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.


Landscape Lighting


To complete the installation of your Permeable Paver patio, driveway, and sidewalk and walk way a little lighting can go a long way to showcase the beauty of your outdoor living space. You can always expect the following when you choose professional landscape lighting installed by Deckscapes of Virginia:

  • Provides security, safety and visual appeal
  • Illuminate walkways, signs, landscaping and points of interest
  • Add drama and beauty with up lighting
  • Custom designed for each property
  • Options include safe, cost effective low voltage lighting systems or traditional line voltage lighting systems

Line voltage system conversions to low voltage systems are available